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Cobholm, Great Yarmouth

Client: Wyncote Developments Limited
Authority: Great Yarmouth

We acted as planning consultants and co-ordinators for a major out-of-centre re-development project in Great Yarmouth affecting Cobholm Island. As a first major step, we secured the allocation of the entire 22 acre site for Class B development with enabling (retail) development in the Great Yarmouth Borough-wide Local Plan. This paved the way to an outline planning application and eventual approval for a scheme comprising a 6,300 sq m retail foodstore, 4,650 sq m of small business units, a new access road into the area and infrastructure providing development for up to 27,000 sq m of B1, B2 and B8 development. We produced detailed retail impact and sequential assessments and co-ordinated the Environmental Impact Assessment in support of this scheme. 


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